Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Trainer with over 25 years' practical experience.

Based in Sheffield S10, in discreet premises. A friendly, professional and confidential service.

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Experienced counselling and psychotherapy in Sheffield S10

Are you struggling with something important in your life?               Or concerned about a family member, friend or colleague?           Are you looking for a counsellor convenient for South Yorkshire or North Derbyshire?

People are often agreeably surprised at how helpful it can be to speak to a qualified supportive outsider. You might like to try an introductory session. This can be a good way to decide for yourself if counselling could help. 

  • Are you frustrated by unhelpful behaviour-patterns?
  • Or wondering if relationship-counselling could help?
  • Trying to cope with anger, grief or trust?
  • Are you struggling with lack of confidence or low self esteem?
  • Experiencing low moods, anxiety, or pressure at work or college?
  • Are you trying to think through a difficult decision?
  • Or coming to terms with loss or change?

Men and women from all walks of life have used my counselling and psychotherapy services in Sheffield S10. Some came for individual sessions, some for couples counselling.

How private counselling can work for you:

I don't use waiting-lists. Depending on your flexibility I aim to offer an appointment within a few days.

I do my best to arrange appointments around your schedule.  Sessions don't always have to be every week, or on the same day at the same time if that doesn't work for you. I offer:
some weekday daytimes 
some lunch-hour appointments 
some weekday evenings 
some Saturday daytimes 

My 'sliding-scale' of charges helps to make counselling affordable. To work out the cost click here.

I have specialist training on the many of the issues people bring to counselling today.

I use several complimentary techniques, not just one approach. This helps me tune into a method which will work for you.

I don't just sit there asking occasional questions! The approach I use is interactive and sounds pretty much like a two-way conversation between friendly equals. Listening to you is very important, of course, but I also offer feedback, suggest focusing exercises and give coaching in practical self-help skills that will help you go about things differently. 

I offer longer sessions than many practitioners. Sessions can fly by in no time at all! I like people to have enough time to make progress.
Telephone or Skype sessions can be arranged. If you can't travel to a face-to-face session this can be a good way to keep things moving in the right direction. 

My counselling premises are discreet. You won't have to face busy waiting-rooms or miles of impersonal corridors.

I offer occasional 'check-in' sessions after your counselling has finished. You can use these to make sure you maintain the progress you have made in counselling. You can also bring in new issues. Because we have already worked together we don't have to start from the beginning. We can 'hit the ground running.'


One of my favourite quotations is: “you can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf.”

We all know that it is possible to learn how to steer a car, but we don’t always realise how possible it is to learn how to steer our lives. Nobody ever gets to be perfect at this (well nobody I know anyway!) but we can all improve with the right input and motivation. Psychotherapy and counselling can help you develop strengths that carry on working for years to come.

25 years’ practical experience counselling men and women from South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire has taught me a lot.   I can often get to the heart of the matter in the first sessions so you don’t waste valuable time.

Taking the next step:

If you would like to make a confidential enquiry for yourself, or to ask about counselling for someone else in South Yorkshire or North Derbyshire, contact me on: 0114 266 5656. I will be happy to discuss your concerns.

Alternatively email or use the short confidential enquiry form or enquire about an introductory appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards from Mary Gardner M.B.A.C.P.

Counselling helps many issues affecting Sheffield men and women today:

…if something you want to know about isn’t on this list try calling: 0114 266 5656 or you could:

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